SEO San Jose

If you are looking for a highly qualified SEO company in the San Jose area, look no further. We have helped many businesses in the San Jose area compete in their market and gain much needed traffic. Let us analyze your website, your competitors, and what’s going with your Off-page optimization. If you are in […]

Why a Blog, Sitemap and Robots.txt are important

Blogs, sitemaps and the use of robots.txt is very important when it comes to your website and Google (and many search engines. Why a sitemap is important is because it lets Google easily understand all the pages on your website and what those pages are about. It’s kind of like the card system in libraries […]

Print Yellow Pages vs First Page of Google

If you are using print Yellow Pages, but not being found on the first page of Google, you are making a big mistake. 70 percent of the population wants to do away with the phone book all together. The reason is there is more accurate information on the Internet, saves a ridiculous amount of paper, […]

Do Not Use These Bad SEO Practices in 2013

These SEO practices should of been avoided long before 2013, but I will go over some of them again. Writing very little content or thinking that you can just go and copy content from another website and use it as your own because you changed a little bit of it won’t work. Trying to jam […]

Content Relevancy

A very important factor when it comes to ranking is the websites content relevancy. What ever your primary keywords are make sure that the content of your website fits with those keywords. Let’s say your website was a book, Google is smart enough to know what the book is about based on the inside of […]

Search Engine Optimization San Francisco

We have helped many businesses across the country get ranked for keywords, including the San Francisco area. If you are located in the S.F. area and are in need of help getting your business found online, we can help. SEO is always changing and advancing and you need a reliable company that can get the […]

Making Sense of it All

The day’s of easy marketing have been over for a little while. Things were so much easier when you could just get an ad in the phone book and didn’t have anything to worry about. You would get a great ad, it would then be printed and put in the phone book and there it […]