Nationwide Search Engine Optimization

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Nationwide Search Engine Optimization

SEO in its simplistic form is the basis of any good marketing campaign. It is composed of three things. On-page Optimization; optimizing meta tags, title tags, alt tags and sitemaps. Developing content which includes writing website copy that is meaningful and has the appropriate keyword density. Your project is based upon getting found by the consumers that you want, who are looking for your business.

This is what you call “Inbound Marketing”, which is similar to the old Yellow Page marketing and advertising, you’re there when potential consumers decide to look for you when they need you. This is a great way to market because it creates leads that will most likely turn into a sale. The magical key that you need to unlock these wonders is an aggressive, targeted SEO campaign that drives web traffic from hundreds of search terms so your consumers find YOU, before your competitors.

IMCG Online will optimize your website to make sure you are creating leads with Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. We are a marketing agency that uses the latest organic SEO to bring specific, targeted traffic to your website. Our company will never quit to getting your business found all over the web. Other agencies will focus on rankings, here at IMCG Online, we focus on driving targeted traffic. Each business requires different strategies and different levels of marketing. Call for a free consultation and start taking back some of your market share.

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Keyword Research

We take full advantage of popular search engine analysis tools in order to create the best keyword list for your site. We take all of the information provided by these tools along with the information you provide us in order to determine the best and most highly targeted keywords for your specific business.

On-Page Optimization

Your website has both visible and invisible parts, we optimize both, and not only will the content of your website be optimized for search engine usage but the less visible parts will be also. After we have figured out the best keywords, we will make sure that all META tags, Title tags, Alt tags, and the internal linking structures are optimized.


The ability to have incoming links to your site is a very important piece of the puzzle in the optimization process. IMCG Online will seek out the various businesses and related websites that have something to offer in the form of valuable links. Linking to bad and scrupulous website can actually be more harmful than good. When we find a valuable link we will contact the owners of these sites by phone or email to inquire about their interest in linking to your website.