We speak to so many clients that have a website that is rented (Wix, GoDaddy Tonight, SuperPages) and not their own. The problem with renting a website is it isn’t yours. If you are only going to use the website to put on a business card then by all means, but if you are planning to pay for SEO services I wouldn’t go the rented route.

If you actually get the website ranked, then all your efforts are only helping the company lock you in. Think about it this way, if your website is getting good traffic, what if later on they wanted to up the price on you per month, then you’re stuck.

The other issue is having a website that is rented is you are subjected to what Google thinks of the Parent website that your rented website is tied to. So in other words if the main website gets penalized by Google, then it will only trickle down to your website.

Make sure you have a website built that is yours, you will have to pay more in the beginning, but the trade off is it’s yours and all the value you have pumped into it, whether it be from your own efforts or you hire an SEO company, the value will be all yours. The best situation is to not be tied into anything, make sure you have full access to your website and your hosting and can move your website from anywhere to anyone freely.

All of our clients past, present, and future will always be month to month because we know if we provide value, increase traffic, increase business, increase revenue, and most importantly the client is happy there is never a need to cancel, win win win is what we are all about.

Last note: If you are tied up in a situation where you’re stuck with hosting, SEO, rented website and so on figure out a way to get out of it as soon as possible because your website will on get bigger with more content, articles, backlinks, etc and it will only be that much harder if you wait when your website has a lot of value and who ever has you trapped will know that as well.