If you are using print Yellow Pages, but not being found on the first page of Google, you are making a big mistake. 70 percent of the population wants to do away with the phone book all together. The reason is there is more accurate information on the Internet, saves a ridiculous amount of paper, more resources available on the Internet, and the information in the phone book is already online and easily found.

Speaking of which, if I go online searching for your type of business, will I find you? The Internet is only going to keep advancing and is getting more complicated by the day. If your print Yellow Page advertising is working for you and you are making a return, then by all means keep using it.

That being said, even if it is working it will go away and disappear eventually so you should be thinking about getting your website found online. Getting started now will only benefit you in the future and it will also open doors to greater revenue’s now. Most importantly it will help you get a jump on your competitors that are coming into your market every day, as well as help you catch up to your competitors that have already been utilizing Google (Yahoo and Bing) for quite some time now.